EDDA is an international association of more than 50 organisations and experts on digital development in Europe and abroad. We have a “one member, one vote” policy, meaning that all members, regardless of size, revenue or location, have an equal weight in internal decisions. This creates an atmosphere of cooperation towards common goals.

EDDA is governed by a General Assembly and an Executive Board.
The daily management of the association is the responsibility of the Executive Board supported by a team of digital policy experts.

General Assembly
The General Assembly gathers all members and meets at least once a year. Primarily, the General Assembly elects the members of the Executive Board, approves the proposals for the broad policy positions and priorities put forward by the Executive Board, and ratifies the annual budget and financial accounts.
The Executive Board includes 6 representatives from individual members and 6 Executives from our member organisations. The main role of the Executive Board is to define EDDA’s mission and objectives by acting as a consulting party, to set future priorities and to decide on plans and final policy positions. The Executive Board validates policy positions that are put forward for the approval of the General Assembly. It also appoints the chairpersons of EDDA’s policy and working groups and coordinates their work.

EDDA’s Headquarters
Our team consists of policy, communications, and operations experts. Our diversity and level of expertise allow for the efficient coverage of all relevant digital policy fields of EU external and foreign policies. Staff members are responsible for EDDA’s engagement and outreach activities in all policy areas covered by the association. They support the day-to-day management of working groups, projects, operations and communications activities.