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Call for Articles

Call for Articles

The European Digital Development Alliance (EDDA) is a European association which represents think-tanks, civil society organisations and experts focusing on digital policies and digital transformation across the globe, with a particular focus on digital for development and cooperation with third countries. 

EDDA invites students, professionals, experts and members of academia to submit articles, blog post papers, and op-ed to be considered for publication on EDDA channels. We seek contributions that illustrate the different ways to enhance the effectiveness and impact of digital policies and cooperation in digital transformation between the EU and partner countries. 

A non-exhaustive list topics include:

  • Ensuring affordable and secure broadband connectivity 

  • Creating digital infrastructure and regulatory framework in digital sphere. 

  • Promoting digital literacy and skills

  • Fostering digital entrepreneurship and job creation

  • Promoting the use of digital technologies as an enabler for sustainable development

  • Promoting AI as a tool for social and economic growth

  • Improving digital technologies for teaching and learning

  • Tackling disinformation through digital media 

  • Promoting effective and inclusive e-government practices

  • Ensuring cybersecurity and cyber-resilience in vulnerable communities

  • Involving civil society in developing countries in order to shape digital policies

Please, do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested in exploring different topics related to digital development. 

Submission Procedure

  • The articles will be reviewed on a rolling base so no strict deadline is foreseen. However, we are keen to publish a publication on digital development trends in the first half of 2023. Therefore, we kindly ask you to submit your articles and other materials by 15 February 2023. 

  • Every contribution should be no more than 2,000 words, single spaced in Times New Roman 12 point. The abstract (if needed and present) should not be considered as part of the word counting. 

  • Papers should be in English with and the presenter (who need not be the author) must be fluent in English.

  • The author(s) should indicate his/her personal full contact details and include a brief

biographical note with the paper.

  • EDDA reserved the right to request corrections and edits before the final publication of the piece. 

  • The .word document should be sent to the following address:

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:


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