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Development going digital? – Report

What does digitalisation mean? What is its impact on the development sector? Will it reinforce or weaken our development objectives? Which transformation should and/or will our sector go through? To answer all these questions, we invite you to go through the new report commissioned by CONCORD Europe and FOND Romania.


Digitalisation is becoming a vital part of our world, and by extension of development cooperation. It represents new challenges and opportunities for our sector. The  report, commissioned by FOND Romania and CONCORD Europe, analyses the key digital trends and the impacts of digitalisation on the development agenda as well as it explores the roles of and the opportunities for civil society organisations in this new environment.

The report is divided in 5 different chapters, each one examining an aspect of the cross-cutting modalities of the digital and development agendas:

  • Understanding the needs and strategy for the digital era
  • Pointing at the emerging key trends and defining the key concepts behind “digitalisation”
  • Exploring the roles of development civil society organisations in the digital world
  • Analysing how the digital agenda, if well used, could reinforce the implementation and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Looking into the future

The Report

We invite you to read this research paper which, we hope, would be a good ground basis for future conversations on the topic.

All along the following months, we will explore more specific aspects of the digital agenda through some blogposts.

Until then, enjoy!

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