Innovative Governance

How were the governments in Europe digitalised in last 10 years?

For over a decade, the European Union and the Member States have been aiming to achieve a digital transformation within their public sectors. The stages of such transformation are firstly governments starting to digitise their existing services, then adopting Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), to becoming more open and using data in an efficient way, to finally, today, face the implementation of new technologies. This year, in this 10th anniversary of measuring eGovernment performance throughout the European Union and gathering factsheets that report the progress of all the Member States, it is an opportunity to compile the main achievements of public sector digital transformation and to renew our commitment to achieving digital governments in Europe. This report looks at the progress made by the Member States based on how digital strategies and legislation have evolved over time, assesses the current state of play including the main eGovernment actors and services, and describes the role of the European Commission in the digital transformation of the public sector.

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